Vintage Carpentry Inc. represents a tradition of hard work refined since 1995. We pride ourselves in providing quality service with integrity.

Servicing The Bay Area....San Francisco, Pennisula, San Jose, and The East Bay

About us

Since its inception, Vintage Carpentry Inc. has been serving customers in the Bay Area with top quality service and products from local and nationwide distributors. Vintage Carpentry is a family owned business. For the past 13 years, Vintage Carpentry has been owned and run by Edward Berljafa and his wife, Ann, from their home in San Carlos. Ed, having worked in the field for over 30 years, is a master craftsman. He was taught and mentored by his own Eastern European father who brought his “old school” skills to this country fifty years ago and passed them along to his only son. Ed successfully carries on the family tradition with honor.

For the past decade, Vintage Carpentry has worked on a “referral” only basis, we have not even been in the Yellow Pages! Over the years we have had hundreds of repeat customers call to work on other “upgrading” projects in their homes.

At Vintage Carpentry, we believe in providing the finest level of craftsmanship and experienced services, all at competitive rates.

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